Nigerian Gospel Music
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What most people call gospel music today is not. This is because the term refers to a brand of Christian music principally aimed at preaching the good news of Jesus Christ for the purpose of soul winning. The bulk of what we find in gospel music today is praise n' worship'. The word gospel' is theological and should not be taken out of context. It means good news'. Christian music as a brand of music refers to the music composed, performed and used for christian purposes. It is under it we have church music and gospel music. Church music and gospel music are interrelated but not the same thing. This is because Church music is not necessarily gospel and gospel music is not necessarily accepted as church music to all denominations.

Gospel music is a type of Christian music used mostly in non-liturgical contexts but has been adopted by some modern avant-garde churches as their own church music. While church musicians are church-based, gospel musicians are proclaimed professionals with outfits outside the bound of the Church.

According to Professor Boyer, there are two categories of gospel music; they are: Sacred Gospel Music' and Secular Gospel Music'. While the first is both spiritually inclined and functional, the other is mainly for entertainment. This distinction accounts for why some people reject in its entirety what people call gospel music today.